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We offer a wealth of conventional and exotic massages.
Please make an appointment with us.

We are open daily from 9 am-1 pm and 3 pm-7 pm.
On Tuesday we are open from 9 am – 1 pm.

We are glad to accept reservations, either in person or by telephone, during opening hours.

  07543 / 500 22 512

We look forward to your visit!

An outline of treatments and prices:

Classic Full Body Massage           
Ideal against stress and tension.
“Firm” kneading likely.
60 min. - € 87,00

Intensive Partial Massage
Intensive massage of the musculature eases persistent tension.
30 min. - € 47,00

Sonnenhof Relaxing Aromatic Oil Massage
A full body massage using high quality scented oils.
These are especially relaxing and harmonising.
60 min. - € 89,00


Partial Body Aromatherapy Massage

30 min. - € 49,00

Anti-Ageing-Massage includes Rejuvenating Mask.
Skin smoothing full body massage including face.
The 100% natural ingredients, paracress, cranberry and cocoa ensure both relaxation and vitalisation. An anti-ageing face mask follows with paracress, hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5 for intensive reduction of wrinkles and a smooth, fine pored complexion.
60 min. - € 89,00


Pampering Face Treatment
Gentle, relaxing and pleasant massage of the face musculature. Followed by an anti-ageing skin tightening face mask which makes the skin noticeably smoother.
30 min. - € 49,00


Herbal Stamp Massage
A massage with warm herbal stamps cares for the skin in a special way. The herbs stimulate blood circulation, have a cleansing effect and activate a sluggish metabolism.
50 min. - € 72,00

Hot Stone
The body is massaged with hot, black basalt stones
stimulating blood flow and encouraging self-healing.
50 min. - € 69,00

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage  
The Queen of massages - this massage is part of the Ayurveda treatment (traditional Indian medicine). Body, spirit and soul are brought into harmonious balance which results in unique relaxation and wonderful body sensation.
80 min. - € 109,00


Tibetan Back Massage
This popular massage is especially effective on the psyche and nervous system and relieves stress.
Gentle kneading and diagonal flushing are the basis of Tibetan
back massage. The right side of the brain (emotional) is linked
to the left (rational.) This leads to deep relaxation and equilibrium
of the body e. g calming of the nerves.
30 min. - € 49,00

Chinese Tuina Massage
A wonderful full body massage without oil in which the musculature is thoroughly relaxed and special acupressure points are treated which restore your yin and yang balance.
60 min. - € 87,00

Foot Zone Massage
This massage stimulates the almost 70,000 nerve cells in the feet.
 It activates blood circulation and aids detoxification and body cleansing.
Your power of self- healing is boosted and a nurturing foot balsam increases your sense of wellbeing.
(Not suitable in pregnancy or when suffering from diabetes, athlete’s foot or acute injury.)
40 min. - € 59,00



Please arrive punctually for your appointment. Lateness will result in a shortened massage session.

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