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Spa & Health



Enter our spa and health world at the Lake Constance hotel Sonnenhof in Kressbronn and enjoy unforgettable hours of pleasure.

We offer both full body massage and facial treatments individually or for couples. You enjoy a relaxing massage in the same room and at the same time as your partner.

“The human soul likes to live in a well-groomed and healthy body”.


Many traditional, but above all, beneficial and healthy methods ensure that day-to-day stress with all its unpleasant side effects is competently treated by qualified staff.

Relax, unwind and relish a wonderful time in a remarkable ambience.

The spa and health centre is, of course, open to everybody.
Please observe our prices and conditions.


  • Hotel on Lake Constance Hotel Wellness Kressbronn - Bodensee - Hotel Sonnenhof




In cooperation with Janos Kocsis’ Kressbronn practice “Auszeit” we offer a wealth of physiological, therapeutic and beneficial treatment in our Sonnenhof Spa and health centre.

Janos Kocsis and his team who are proven experts in the fields of physiotherapy, Chinese medicine, coaching, energy healing and wellbeing massage, are at our guests’ disposal. In this way, we offer the highest quality treatment for your wellbeing and health!

“It’s important to me that people recognise what led to the ailment. When they know how they got into the crisis they also know the way out!” according to Janos Kocsis who puts the philosophy of “Auszeit” into practice in our hotel for your good.
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Please contact us to make an appointment.

We are glad to accept reservations, either in person or by telephone, during opening hours.

  07543 / 500 220

We look forward to your visit!



Medical Wellbeing

Acupuncture Massage
This type of massage is based on the principles of Chinese acupuncture! The therapist treats the guest with a metal rod after establishing a diagnosis. By touching your pulse, stomach and other zones which could also be on your ear the therapist quickly gets an impression of the energetic-physiological condition of your body. Then he brings the body into energetic balance again by massaging the acupuncture points along the energy pathways.
Numerous complaints and diseases which are caused by functional disorders can be influenced with this method. The therapy is especially effective with psychosomatic complaints.
55 min – including rest period –€ 89,00

Holistic Foot Care
This treatment is a combination of Asian Tui Na techniques, Shiatsu and European reflexology. All the human organs are represented on the foot – these are stimulated and activated by the treatment. This vitalising and relaxing treatment is particularly suitable for people who suffer from stress and have a lot of responsibility but also for those who have cold feet and kidneys.
45 min - € 69,00

Manual lymphatic drainage
This gentle effleurage stimulates the lymphatic vessels and has a relaxing and diuretic effect. The treatment can easily be applied to the legs to decongest or to the face to relieve water accumulation or congestion. Lymphatic drainage is particularly good when treating headaches or when detoxifying.
55 min – including rest period €89,00


WELLbeing Highlights

Classic Full Body Massage
Ideal against stress and tension. Firm kneading likely.
55 min - € 89,00

Beneficial Back Massage

A combination of classic massage and modern medical massage styles (key zone massage according to Dr Marnitz, inter periosteal massage as well as deep friction according to Cyriax). The pelvis, back and cervical spine are treated. This treatment is particularly suitable for tension.
25 min - € 47,00

Wellbeing-Relaxing Massage

One hour relaxing massage.  The nervous system is soothed and calmed by foot mobilisation and a harmonising body massage. Treatment is completed with a deeply relaxing abdominal massage.
55 min - € 89,00

Sonnenhof Relaxing Aromatic Oil Massage
A popular, beneficial full body massage using high quality scented oils which are particularly relaxing.
55 min – including rest period - € 89,00

Hot Stone Massage
The body is massaged with hot, black basalt stones
stimulating blood flow and encouraging self-healing.
55 min - € 95,00


Lomi Lomi Nui
Hawaiian Temple Massage
The Queen of massage; that’s what this beneficial and pleasant massage is also called. Originally part of a temple ritual accompanied by dancing and singing.
This massage is one of the most popular health treatments today. It helps to release physical and mental tension and above all to recharge the batteries. The rapid change between gentle massage and relaxation lets us forget the daily grind quickly. Experience peace of mind and immerse yourself in a world of deep relaxation!
55 min - € 95,00

Tibetan Back Massage
This popular massage is especially effective on the psyche and nervous system and relieves stress.
Gentle kneading and diagonal flushing are the basis of Tibetan
back massage. The right side of the brain (emotional) is linked
to the left (rational.) This leads to deep relaxation and equilibrium
of the body e. g calming of the nerves
25 min - € 47,00

Asian Pressure Point Massage for Head and Face
(Reflexology treatment of the head)

Also called face reflexology massage. Hardly anybody knows the connection between head, face and body. But everybody knows that the face of a person shows how much he has already gone through in life and whether he is happy or bitter. Pain anywhere in the head is the body’s alarm signal. Applying gentle pressure to the head and face, the organs are stimulated and brought into equilibrium. This treatment is pure indulgence in every sense.
55 min - € 89,00

Please arrive punctually for your appointment. Lateness will result in a shortened massage session.

  • Hotel on Lake Constance Hotel Wellness Kressbronn - Bodensee - Hotel Sonnenhof

Panorama Pool


Would you like to end an eventful day at Lake Constance in a relaxed atmosphere?

Our generous spa area includes a highly modern panorama swimming pool which is open to the public all year round. It enjoys a unique view of the wide blue shimmering lake and Alps.

This is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

With many attractions such as a vitalising whirlpool bath, a counter current system, geyser and massage jets and last but not least ample space, our panorama pool offers a very welcome rest and is invigorating whatever the weather.

How about savouring the inspiring atmosphere of Sonnenhof while relaxing on our spacious sunbathing area when it’s warm and sunny?

Open daily from 7 am – 10 pm.




  • Hotel on Lake Constance Hotel Wellness Kressbronn - Bodensee - Hotel Sonnenhof

Opening Times and Prices


Indoor swimming pool and sauna

Open daily
2.30 pm - 10 pm
Admission for the day € 20 per person
*We request our non-residential guests to book in advance on bank holidays and weekends.



Guests of the Guesthouse at Sonnenhof

Indoor swimming pool daily
7 am – 10 pm
Sauna daily
11 am – 10 pm
Admission for the day € 20 per person



Guests of Bodensee Hotel Sonnenhof & Dependance

Indoor swimming pool daily
7 am – 10 pm
Sauna daily
11 am – 10 pm
Included in price of room



Indoor swimming pool

Size approx. 8x12m
Water temperature: approx. 29 °C
Sauna World
Outdoor sauna: approx. 95°C
Indoor sauna: approx.95°C
Sanarium: approx. 65°C
Steam sauna: approx. 45°C


Please understand that for reasons of liability and to provide our guests with peace and relaxation, children under 16 cannot be admitted to the indoor swimming pool and sauna world.

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